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Mirabelle's Nail Studio

Today I was invited to a new home nail studio run by fellow mum Sophie. Her home is beautiful and was really easy to get to, with parking right outside. The atmosphere in her spacious lounge is very calming and relaxing, and Sophie even has toys (and a big TV!) to entertain children of all ages so mums can bring their little ones along while they have their nail treatments.

I was impressed by the range of colours available and all of the equipment looked pristine. Sophie was very professional but still really friendly and engaging. We had a really good chat about how hard becoming a Mum can be and found we both struggled at the beginning. It's always great to be able to openly discuss the ups and downs of becoming a parent, it really does make it easier knowing you're not alone.

Sophie moved to Stamford with her family after living in Grantham, and London before that where she worked in PR. I asked her why she suddenly switched to doing nails. 'I'd always wanted to do nails but my parents said no, wanting me instead to get a degree. So when I moved here I thought why not?'. She is also keen to help others in the wider community and has plans to expand her business so that she can give training and employment opportunities to women in need.

It's great to see another independent business here in Stamford and I hope you will all join me in supporting Sophie and her new business. You can find Mirabelle's Nail Studio on Instagram and Facebook.

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