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Peterborough Kids Fest 2020

Today Archie and I went along to the Peterborough Kids Fest and we had an absolutely fantastic time! 'The Kids' Fest is a family-run business headed up by Kim and Mike Rossiter, assisted by their two young daughters four-year-old Bessy and three-year-old Cate. Kim is currently moonlighting from her regular job as a television producer to be the Kids' Fest’s Chief Creator of Fun. Kim says, “we started The Kids' Fest because we couldn’t find any events locally that are solely focussed on the children. There are lots of festivals and events out there that are child-friendly, but nothing that is 100% about their fun, enjoyment and learning."

I knew they had a lot on offer but I imagined we would have done everything in a couple of hours - I was so wrong! The event was split in to two times slots, 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm over two days. We opted for the Sunday morning as I thought that would probably be the quietest one and that seemed to pay off. The event was busy but there was always space to play on something and queues were never more than a few minutes long when we did have to wait. We honestly could have spent all day there, as even in our 4 hour allotted time we didn't manage to get round and do everything.

There were far too many fabulous exhibitors to list them all but our highlights were -

Mini Golf

Meeting Princess Elsa (Archie's current obsession)

Little Lyons Organic Clothing Stall (and now I have an obsession with her leggings!)

Messy Play

Bouncy Castle

Sounds Right Phonics

Space Hoppers

Crafty Parties Paint-a-Silk workshop

Mindfulness and Sensory

The whole event was really well thought out and totally geared towards families with young children. There was ample room for buggies, quiet zones, baby changing and feeding zones, lots of staff everywhere and someone manning every inflatable, slide and bouncy castle. Although there was a LOT of exhibitors and therefor it was noisy, it still didn't feel overwhelming or jam packed as I thought it would. They even got you to write your contact details on your child's wristband before entry so that should you become separated they could instantly call and reunite you - something that we actually witnessed while we were there and it was dealt with so calmly and quickly. Kim and Mike really have thought of everything!

The venue was perfect, a big clean bright space which was cleverly laid out to create various areas. Lots of toilets with changing facilities and a huge car park. My only negative would be the 'restaurant' which was just a cafeteria really with limited choices. But that's the venue, not this event. We didn't have time to try out the cafe area inside as well, I wish we had gone there instead!

Give their Facebook page a Like and keep an eye on their website as I am sure there will be more of these events to come, and we will certainly be buying our tickets when they are announced.



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