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Vicky Olik on Books and Mental Health

Vicky Olik offers professional and confidential therapeutic support in Stamford for young people and adults. She has recently joined us here on The Stamford Mummy website and we asked her to write a bit about why books are important to her.

"As part of my professional development I spend a lot of time reading useful books and

publications that help challenge my thinking and give me new ideas for my practice.

Fortunately, I have a great love of reading so this is never a chore for me. I would advocate

reading as really positive for good mental health. Not only does it stimulate our minds and

help with relaxation, I believe it makes us more empathetic as we sympathise with different

characters and think about others perspectives"

"If there is anything I've read this summer that I would want to share with

parents on this blog, it would be reading this fabulous book by Phillippa

Perry - The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and your children will

be glad you did). Instead of advice on 'Do's and Don'ts' of parenting it's

common sense talking on how we were related to as children and how

our children want us to relate to them. A really insightful read into

children's behaviour and how our own upbringing affects our parenting.

If you’ve ever caught yourself repeating your own parents this book will

help you to challenge this and empower you to own your feelings and

behaviour and help your child own theirs"

"Something I unexpectedly picked up at the library was this gem by psychologist Paul Gilbert

and, in conjunction with Buddhist guru, Choden. There is currently such a

huge interest in mindfulness and this book is full of exercises to help

people feel more attuned to their bodies and minds especially helpful with

stress, depression and sleep problems. It also explains how the human

brain has evolved which allows us to see that sometimes our reactions are

not our fault and we need to have a little more self-compassion as well as

more compassion for others"

"And here’s one for the kids. If your child is starting school next month as

far as I’m concerned you just can’t go wrong with good old, reassuring,

classic Topsy and Tim!"

"The school holidays can be stressful as well as fun so check out my facebook page for

soothing, calming tips to cope when it’s all becoming a bit much"

You can find details for Vicky here on her Facebook page or you can email her directly on vickyolikcounselling@gmail.com

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