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BOOK REVIEW 'Gina Gets Lost'

Earlier this week I was very flattered to be asked to read and review a new children's book written by Cathy Wilson and illustrated by Lydia Miller, 'Gina Gets Lost'. In Cathy's words the book is about 'A fun rhyming scheme, a host of colourful characters - and an important safety message. Join Gina and her family in this reassuring tale that will help children explore the world with confidence. This soothing story develops knowledge and helps both you and your family to feel prepared, should you ever become separated'

The book is really charming and the messages within about safety are really clear and are repeated in a way that will really stick with the young readers. I hadn't thought about talking to Archie about getting lost just yet as he's only two but after reading the book together we are starting to talk about things now - who he could ask for help, telling someone my number is in his shoe, standing still away from the road but not hiding. The repetition and rhymes in the story are aimed well at the age group.

I really like the style of illustration and the addition of the mini Ginas holding the page numbers are a nice addition and helped to keep my 2 year old engaged. I'm also a succer for a font and I really liked the one they've used for the story. Is that sad?! The ideas in the book are great, really easy for children to understand and may give you some different ideas about what to do if you do ever get seperated.

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