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Lunch with Alicia Sherring

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Alicia Sherring, an English teacher and Thermomix Advisor and her daughter Sophia who came with her to assist and do some homework as Alicia home schools her two children as well as having two jobs. Busy lady!

Alicia contacted me as she wanted to tell me about Thermomix, a multifunctional kitchen appliance. It wasn't something I had heard of before so I quickly looked on line and my initial reaction was that at £1000 a unit it's not something I'd be able to afford so I wasn't interested. But Alicia just wanted to make me aware of the product and if I liked it to tell other families about it, so she wanted to pop round to cook me a 3 course meal in her Thermomix and I'm not one to turn down a free meal!

I warned Alicia about how small my kitchen was but it wasn't a problem. The very little prep we had to do was on one chopping board and the Thermomix unit sat snuggly on my counter top. In Australia they tend to use the Thermomix instead of their hob so Alicia has a hob cover which she stands her Thermomix on top of to save space too.

In under 2 hours (including eating time!) we made poppy seed bread rolls, creamy asparagus risotto, apple and carrot salad and even a nectarine sorbet and it was all absolutely delicious. I am no cook, I just don't enjoy being in the kitchen but I do appreciate good flavours and I was so impressed with how well everything turned out.

I can totally see why so many households across Europe opt for a Thermomix over a hob. You can cook up to 4 different components at once, it chops, stirs, steams, weighs and cooks everything for you and like a slow cooker you can just leave it to get on with it while you go elsewhere. It seems a much safer option for households with children as the unit is all built in so there are no hot pans on the stove to worry about and you can walk off to deal with toddler tantrums or nappy explosions without having to stop cooking.

The best bit for me though was the inbuilt computer (oh yes, it has it's own computer!) called a Cook-Key. You use it with the online recipe platform www.cookidoo.co.uk which has over 30,000 recipes to choose from specially adapted for the Thermomix. You select which meals you want to cook, either immediatly or you can use the Meal Planner to plan your week. It'll then generate your shopping list which you can alter as you like (or you can tell it which ingredients you have and it'll show which recipes you can do), then using wi-fi the Thermomix will load all of your recipes and will give you step-by-step instruction on exactly what to do and when to create your meal. For someone like me who wants things quick and easy it was perfect. I managed to create things I never would have even thought about making before (who has time to be kneading bread or constantly stirring a risotto?!).

I am so pleased Alicia did pop round for a demo as I really wouldn't have considered buying one before, but now I've seen it we are SO getting one! They do have a finance option so that's probably what we will do, but we are looking to put our house on the market so will deal with that first!

Alicia is always happy to give demos and chat through all the info. She also runs a facebook group where you can share recipe ideas and tips www.facebook.com/aliciasthermierevolutionaries

Giver her a call on 07551467826 or email her at aasherring@hotmail.com

She has some taster nights coming up too if you want to see the Thermomix in action. I should point out Alicia hasn't paid me to say any of this, it really is just a great product!


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