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The Christmas Tree Appeal

The Rotary Club of Stamford St Martins Christmas tree appeal is well underway again and off to a

great start in its 18 th year.

Local businesses, shops, pubs and nurseries are among the Christmas tree hosts this year. Tags are

provided by the Rotary club to hang on the Christmas trees, and people are asked to take a tag and

buy and wrap a present for the child or elderly person specified on the tag to the value of around £5-

£10. The Rotary club collect and distribute the presents to those in need, and those who might not

otherwise get a present. Elissa Flatters, president of the Rotary Club of Stamford St Martins said “I

am very passionate about this project which I think reflects the true meaning of Christmas. The

generosity of the local community is overwhelming”. Last year 1300 presents were collected and

distributed via local organisations such as Family Action, Drinksense, Homestart and other contacts.

Colin Gibbons, also from the Rotary club, thanked the Christmas tree hosts, and those who buy

presents, for their support. He said “Our Christmas tree appeal has been running for 18 years now

and this year we hope to raise the total number of presents we distribute to 1500. We have several

new Christmas tree hosts to help reach this target”. There are too many Christmas tree locations to

list but they include Marks and Spencers, Sainsburys, Stamford Arts Centre, Waterside Garden

Centre, nurseries, schools, pubs, hotels, businesses, and churches.

Thanks so much to Emily Payne for providing this article. If you'd like further information about the appeal you can contact her on emily.payne1208@btinternet.com

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