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Meet Tilley & Co Yoga

Time to find out more about another of our Christmas Party guests - Laura who runs Tilley & Co Yoga. I have never tried a yoga class myself so I'm really excited to see what a family sessions entails. I asked Laura to tell us all a bit more about what she does.

Hi my name is Laura and I am the owner of Tilley & Co, Yoga for Children and children and young

people with Special Needs. I am delighted to be running some taster sessions of Yoga for Children for

The Stamford Mummies Christmas Party. I thought it would be a great opportunity to give you some

insight in to what I do and the incredible benefits Yoga provides for your child and you.

Yoga is often perceived through the media (and Instagram posts!) of being about getting the perfect

posture, often in the best outfits! Yoga, its true essence begins with the breathing, we all breathe,

yet breathing well rests and restores our inner bodies and boosts oxygen quality which increases

energy and reduces anxiety. Yoga is non-competitive, inclusive to everyone. It is about raising

awareness of our bodies, caring, stretching and strengthening our bodies and facilitates the

connection of mind, body and soul.

In my children’s yoga session’s creativity is nourished through stories, I use well known stories and

some lesser known ones (that have beautiful messages) and of course write my own. We use the

story to go on a Yoga adventure, acting out using Yoga poses and games that use breathing

techniques to help and support regulating emotions. We have been the wind, blowing paper hats,

just like the Witch whose hat blew off in ‘Room on the Broom’. We play yoga musical statues,

helping to remember poses whilst having fun. I use different props relevant to the story to explore,

balancing games with the food that the Hungry Caterpillar ate, animal masks being different animals

from ‘Down in the Jungle’ story. We have explored different sensations of the building materials the

‘Three Little Pigs’ built and swam in the ocean with all different types of sea creatures.

Each session begins and ends the same, with a different Yoga story each time. We always end the

sessions with a relaxation…yes even toddlers love to relax! We snuggle up in blankets, sometimes

with an eye pillow or gazing up at my magical lights that I bring with me, everywhere!

Yoga is fun! The sessions provide a beautiful space for the child and their parent/carer to connect,

enjoy an activity together away from distraction. No phones, TV, life jobs that take up time, short

space to just be, together and reconnect. Our lives are often so busy, appointments, work, clubs,

other children and their commitments, space to be and time together is paramount in helping to

support a child’s individuality and learning ways to relax without gadgets or films. While the sessions

are aimed at children, parents/carers benefit too from the breathing techniques and relaxation, a

great investment for yourself! Everything learned within the session can be used anywhere, anytime,

often some of the calming techniques can be added to your bedtime routine, which can help to

promote better sleep quality and a more restful night.

I am really looking forward to meeting you at the Christmas Party. I will be taking the children on a

Yoga story of ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson. Namaste.

My facebook page: www.facebook.com/tilleyandcoyoga

Photos taken by www.whitedandelion.co.uk

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