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Mumpreneur of the Week

This week I had the pleasure of having my nails sorted out by the wonderful Abi Schofield who has over 12 years experience in the Beauty industry and now runs her own Beauty Business from home under the name 'Abi's Beauty'. We chatted over a cup of tea while our little ones got stuck in to everythig in the Playroom which Abi has well stocked with toys for all ages so mums can bring their children with them when they want to have a treatment done - great idea!

Abi wasn't born in Stamford but moved here when she met her husband. 'I'm originaly from Pinchbeck near Spalding. When I was 16 I started to study Beauty, Spa and Holistics at College in Stamford as they didn't offer that course anywhere closer. I made lots of friends and built a life here so it made sense to move away from my parents home and I moved to Stamford when I was around 20. I love it here!'

You can tell as Abi talks just how passionate she is about providing the best service she can for her customers. ' I love seeing the difference I make to people instantly - making them more beautiful than they already are!'. I asked Abi why she chose to study Beauty at college 'I always enjoyed painting my nails when I was younger and I was a Saturday Girl at a Hair Salon, but I didn't want to do hair and there was nothing that interested me at University'.

Like so many of us Mums who need to return to work Abi looked for a way she could earn while still being around for her children. 'I love the flexibility of running my own business. My husband has a steady job working for a really good company and he's so good with the kids. When he gets in from work I normally leave him to do the manic 2 hour bath and bedtime while I go off to see clients. It works really well for us'.

So what has Abi got planned for the future? 'I thought I wanted to go to college and teach, maybe part time lecturing and part time as I am so I can work Term Time. When my kids are older and going to school I don't want to be working in the evening so maybe college is my next step. Who knows in the future? It makes sense for now but when I'm 40 my kids will be going to secondary school so I will have a lot more free time'.

I always ask parents this question - If you could get a message to yourself in the past, before you became a parent, what would you say? 'Go and do it! Because once you've got kids you can't just 'go and do' anything! I've got no regrets but there are things I wish I'd done before I had my kids. So whatever you're thinking about, just go and do it!'.

Abi is super busy and very rarely has any free time but when she does she likes to try out local places to eat. 'We like The Crown in Casterton as it's a lovely walk from where we are and the Garden Centre is too. I take Arthur swimming at Rutland Swim Academy and I used to take Edie to Music Bugs when she was little. I'm so busy I don't often get to explore other local businesses'.

I will definitely be returing to Abi's Beauty. She has a great set up at home, really thinking about what's best for her clients and she offers a wide range of treatments. Get in touch with her via Facebook @Abi's Beauty or on your mobile at 07889951383

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