Eating out as a family

July 30, 2018

 We are really lucky in Stamford that we have such a wide array of places to eat, but it gets tricky when you're trying to feed a fussy toddler or squeeze a buggy in to the historic Georgian buildings, so we do tend to head to the same places. 

 A favourite of ours is The Cosy Club. It's incredibly family friendly with out being aimed at children. It's well laid out and spacious so it's great for manouvering a buggy. There are dozens of high chairs and a large toy box full of toys suitable for babies and toddlers, there is changing facilties and a great kids menu. It can get incredibly busy at the weekends so it's always worth booking a table. 


 We all love Italian food so Ask is another of our regular haunts and it's normally pretty quiet. Again there is plenty of buggy room, good changing facilities and lots of high chairs. The children's menu is particularly good as it has a smaller option for babies and toddlers and that easily fills up out nearly 2 year old. There is also Pizza Express who offer a similar menu but is often busy and its not easy to get a buggy in there. 


For more in depth reviews of where you can eat out with your little one visit, a fantastic local mummy blog. 


Where else would you recommend?




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