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Jo Jingles

I started taking Archie to Jo Jingles when he was around 3 months old and even from that young age I could tell he enjoyed it more than any other music session we had been to. Everything just seemed to work right, the programme was engaging throughout, the music was different, the props and branding were all really good quality and the teacher, Andreas, was really friendly and passionate. When I went back to work at the end of my maternity leave I actually arranged my days around Jo Jingles. But eventually I had to work more and more and just as it seemed my Jo Jingles days were over I was chatting to Andreas about my background in Musical Theatre and how I missed being a drama teacher and he asked if I'd be intrested in teaching for him! Of course I jumped at the chance and after 3 months of training I started as a fully fledged Jo Jingles teacher in January 2018. I adore running the classes because I get to deliver a programme I genuinely believe in to dozens of local families every week. For more info on Jo Jingles visit their website www.jojingles.com or Like the Facebook Page Jo Jingles South Lincs and Rutland.

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