Who am I?

My name is Victoria Fallow-Norton, but you can call me Vikki and I am The Stamford Mummy. I have one little boy, Archie, who is a gorgeous bundle of chaos and giggles. I have lived in Stamford for 10 years now and can't believe how much there is going on locally for such a small town, and yet it can be hard to find out what exactly there is available to do. 

After I had Archie in September 2016 I was quickly diagnosed with Post Natal Depression. There is a history of mental health in our family so we knew all the signs to look out for and so I knew two things - that I was not alone, and that I needed to get out of the house. So I started going to every baby group I could find and chatting to all the other parents openly about how isolating new motherhood could feel to see if anyone else needed some help. Then I created a Facebook group to arrange meet ups to help new mums socialise and as somewhere to share information. The group completely took off and to date we have over 1500 active members. 

My hope is that through this website I can continue to support local parents and caregivers by compiling all the information about what there is to do and see in Stamford and the surrounding villages in to one easy to navigate place. 

I upload blogs about local businesses and places to go - check out the latest ones below